Friday, November 23, 2012


Hello Beauties!!
This is my thanksgiving Look, I didn't do anything but cook yesterday, and literally I was going insane! It took me the whole afternoon to make the turkey, ham, rice, sweet potato, potato salad, cornbread which it was difficult for me to make, lol. This thanksgiving I tried to make it the more American possible, which my brothers didn't agree, lol But everything turned out great! and I spend it with the people I love which is the best gift ever from God. I am so thankful for everything in my life and the things to come. Be thankful everyday, not just in thanksgiving because we never know when it can all be over! I hoped that you all had a great time with your loved ones!
Kiss, Kiss!
Skirt: ModaInternacional
Top: Oxford and Regent (JC Penny)
Heels: Bakers
Clutch: Vintage
Bracelet: Mexico


  1. Gorgeous skirt! You looked great!


  2. you look very sexy! pretty blog and very nice post <3
    kisses from Poland

    and... wanna follow each other?